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SS6 Banding Sample Set

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  • SS6 Banding Sample Set
  • SS6 Banding Sample Set
  • SS6 Banding Sample Set
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We revamped our Chinese Banding sample set to include our expanded color collection. This sample set now contains twenty (20) yards of Grade A Chinese Rhinestone banding. Scroll down for a full list of colors. All of the banding in this set has an SS6 crystal ab stone, set in plastic.

Rhinestone banding is popular for contemporary indigenous beadwork. It features a crystal set in a plastic and strung together. These rhinestones are strung together tightly, so this banding is not as flexible as other bandings. Chinese banding is the more economical option. While still a very high quality, it is not as durable as the Czech Rhinestone Banding. We do not recommend this product for powwow regalia or other items that will experience a lot of wear and tear. However, it is a great option for earrings, jewelry or other items that will experience light use.

SS6 Chinese Grade A rhinestone banding. SS6 measures 1.9-2.1mm. Made in China. This is a set containing twenty (20) different colors. You will receive 1 yard of each color, for a total of twenty (20) yards.

Sample Set includes the following colors. Colors are NOT labeled during packing. Some colors are very similar to each other.

1. Light Pink
3. Neon Pink
4. Fuchsia
5. Maroon
6. Pumpkin
7. Neon Orange
8. Neon Yellow
9. Neon Green
10. Turquoise
11. Teal Blue
12. Royal Blue
13. Navy Blue
14. Lilac
15. Purple
16. Clear
17. White
18. Black
19. Eggshell
20. Medium Topaz

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