Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

 On our new web platform, we’re able to offer bulk discounts! Lots of you have been asking for this and it was one of the factors in selecting the ecommerce platform we did. We’re offering bulk discounts on four product categories: beads, fabric, rhinestone banding, and stickers.

Bulk discounts are applicable to online orders only.


  1. Discount only applies to the items in the categories listed. This is not an overall cart discount.
  2. Bulk discount is automatically applied to your cart. There are no coupon codes to enter.
  3. Items must be from the same category to trigger the discount. For example: you must have 12 hanks of beads in your cart to get the bead discount. 8 hanks of beads and 4 spools of ribbon will NOT trigger the discount.
  4. Sets and kits will only count as one item.
  5. Bulk discounts are applicable on the order level. Previous orders won’t count toward the quantity tiers.
  6. Sale items are not discounted but will count toward the quantity.

Scroll down to see the answers to other frequent questions.

Bulk Bead Discount: Revised 6/28/2023

12 units - 10% off
20 units - 15% off

Customers can combine different bead types, sizes, and colors to reach the bulk discount. Discount will automatically appear when items are added to the cart.

Bead sets count as 1 unit toward the bulk discount. Beads on sale are not discounted but count toward the units to receive the bulk discount.

Bulk Ribbon Discount
6 spools - 10% off
10 spools - 20% off

Ribbon sets will count as one unit toward the bulk discount.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer a discount?

Large orders cost less for us to process. We pay a per transaction fee on payments and shipments, so if one large order costs us less to process then two small orders. We’re able to pass that savings along to customers through a bulk discount. We hope this encourages you to place larger orders.


How long will this offer continue?

We plan to offer these bulk discounts for the foreseeable future. If we have to make changes, we’ll let customers know.


Why can’t I combine items from different categories?

Different product categories have different profit margins and labor costs associated with them. The way the bulk discounts are structured, it won’t work for us to offer a store-wide tier discount.


Why isn’t this across all items in your store?

Please see above. Also, we sell beadwork and Indigenous art, which we don’t generally mark down, as we feel it devalues the artists’ labor.


Why didn’t you do this before?

We offered a version of this on one of the previous versions of our website. When we switched platforms in 2020, we weren’t able to bring over the bulk discounts. The newest platform, which we moved to in September 2021 does allow tiered bulk discounts, so we implemented this right away.