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Chinese SS6 Lilac/Crystal AB

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Rhinestone banding is popular for contemporary indigenous beadwork. It features a crystal set in a plastic and strung together. These rhinestones are strung together tightly, so this banding is not as flexible as other bandings. Chinese banding is the more economical option. While still a very high quality, it is not as durable as the Czech Rhinestone Banding. We do not recommend this product for powwow regalia or other items that will experience a lot of wear and tear. However, it is a great option for earrings, jewelry or other items that will experience light use.

SS6 Chinese Grade A rhinestone banding. SS6 measures 1.9-2.1mm. Made in China.

Sold by the yard (36 inches). So, if you order 1, you will receive one yard. We try to send banding orders in a single cut. However, you may receive your order in multiple pieces, depending on availability.

Directions: to attach rhinestone banding to beadwork, tack down the strings between the stones. Some artists use glue; generic craft glue will work. For tight curves, tack down one side of the strings first and then tack the second side separately. For earrings and other edging pieces, it is easier to attach the banding when the beadwork is finished. For leggings, moccasins or other large beaded pieces, it can be easier to attach the banding before beading. Rhinestone banding can also be used to do the vines on floral pieces, outline geometric beadwork and trim pieces.
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