Michigan Beeswax

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We are very happy to be offering this wonderful new product. This beeswax is made by Michigan bees who are looked after by a local beekeeper. The wax is a deep golden yellow, is very fragrant and conditions Nymo thread very well. Many beaders use beeswax for thread conditioning. Running Nymo thread through beeswax can help prevent tangling and ease passing through beads. Waxing the thread can become part of the routine that helps the artist get into the right mental/emotional state for beading.

Bead & Powwow Supply has stocked beeswax since we opened. We've tried different forms and suppliers. We quickly abandoned the type that is stock in many national retailers: very light, translucent "œbeeswax" in a plastic container, itself package in a retail-ready plastic blister pack. The packaging seemed very wasteful to us (why so much plastic?). The actual product was flaky, did not smell like beeswax and did not condition thread very well. For several years, we've stocked beeswax chunks from another distributor. They were of a good quality and we were satisfied with their natural appearance, smell and conditioning properties. But when the opportunity to buy beeswax from a local beekeeper presented itself, we could not say no.
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