15/0 Charlottes Opaque White

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We are so happy to announce that we have our entire selection of Size 15/0 Charlottes online.

We acquired these back in 2012, when we bought the Czech Bead stock of Flying Feathers, Inc. We have been able to offer them at powwows for the last few years but it took us a while to get them online. Well, we finally have it done!

We have a selection of colors in opaque, transparent, transparent luster and opal. We can no longer acquire these beads so once they are sold out, we will not be able to restock. Please bear that in mind when ordering. We recommend getting more than you think you will need for your project.

Charlotte cuts, also called true-cuts, are shaped like a regular seed bead but with one or two small facets that let them sparkle. They are valued for “old-style” projects and looks. Size 15 allows a huge amount of detail in projects. They are great for earrings, detailed medallions, tobacco pouches and anything else that you want to treasure for future generations.

Size 15/0 Charlottes are minuscule! They measure approximately 1.4-1.5 millimeters, with a 0.4mm hole. We recommend using a Size 15 needles and OO thread with these beads. Sold by the “short” hank; each hank contains 12 10-inch loops. Made in the Czech Republic.
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