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13/0 Charlottes Opaque Dark Green

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The Opaque Dark Green captures the deep green color of painted turtle shells and white pine trees. It is the perfect green for old-style floral designs. It is excellent in geometric beadwork, since it contrasts so well with lighter blues and pinks. It also pairs excellently with the -3194 24k Gold beads.

Opaque glass does not allow any light to pass through the bead. This gives these beads a solid look while still shiny. Many of our customers refer to this as the "regular" or "plain" beads as they are some of the most commonly found beads in both historical and contemporary indigenous bead art.

Charlotte Cuts have one or two facets per bead, which gives them a subtle sparkle. They are particularly popular for old style beadwork. They are fairly uniform in shape and size. They can be used in virtually any beaded project, including applique or flat stitch, lane stitch, peyote stitch, loomwork, bead weaving, bead stringing and jewelry making.

Size 13/0 Charlotte Cut Beads measure approximately 1.6-1.8mm. Sold strung on short hanks, consisting of 12 12-inch strands. Approximately 3,000 beads per hank. Made in the Czech Republic.

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