Size 13 Beading Needles (25 pc)

SKU: NE090913

Size 13 beading needles are used for 13/0 beads. They canalso be used on some microbeads (size 14/0 and smaller) because whilemicrobeads are smaller, the hole size stays consistent, in most colors. (Wecannot guarantee that Size 13 Needles will work with all smaller sizes and wealso recommend having Size 15 Beading Needles on hand).

Beading Needles are the long option, measuring about 2 inlength. They are thin and tend to bend with use. The additional length makesthem useful for loomwork, and peyote stitch.

25 packs are the economical option for buying needles. 

Needles are the must-have tool for almost any kind of beadwork. Finding theright needle is vitally important, since the right or wrong needle can make orbreak a project. There are a few key things to consider when shopping forneedles: size, length, purpose, and preference.

Size: Needlesshould be the same size or smaller than the beads you are using. So, if you arebeading with 12/0 beads, use a Size 12 or Size 13 needle.

Length: Sharpsare short, measuring about 1 1/8 in length (remember: sharp-short, sh-sh). Beadingneedles are longer, measuring about 2. Beading needles are thinner and morelikely to bend. Some beaders love this; some hate it.

Purpose: Werecommend beading needles for peyote, loomwork, and beading ropes, since theadditional length makes it easier to grasp the needle. If youre beading onleather, you want a glovers needles. Sharps are good for applique and flatstitch.

Preference: Of course, it all comesdown to you, the beader, and what youre comfortable with. Do what you know andwhat works for you. We make recommendations based on our experience and fromlistening to our customers.*

*We have witnessed some heated debates on beading needles vs. sharps needles.We may have participated in said heated debate. Perhaps we started it. Were nottelling.