Round Nose Pliers

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Round Nose Pliers are an essential tool for any bead artist. Whether you make jewelry, do applique or lane stitch, loomwork or peyote stitch, you must have pliers in your beading bag. For loomwork and peyote, they can help you pull the needle through beads. The same is true for lane and applique – where you might also have to break a bead occasionally. These are the tool for the job. And they are the quintessential tool for a jewelry-maker. From holding, making loops, knotting, bending wire, even crimping, round nose pliers are the tool for almost any job

These Round Nose Pliers from The Bead Smith feature a cushion grip, lapjoint construction (to ease usage) and a double leaf spring for smooth operation. These are part of The Bead Smith’s Color ID line – pick up the right tool everytime, because the handles are color-coded.

If you are a jingle dress maker, you will want some of these. If you make jingle dresses by sewing ties on and then coning the dress after it’s sewn, then these are the tool for you. You will find these round nose pliers are helpful when you need to open the jingle a little more, to get it over the knot in the bias tape. You can also use these to pinch the top of the cone, though we recommend Flat Nose Pliers for that job.

Sold individually. Not intended for use by children under 15. Made in China.