Metal Cup Chain SS8 Medicine Wheel Colors, Silver Chain

$4.00 $6.00
We are so excited to offer this SS8 Cup Chain in the Medicine Wheel colors. We don’t usually offer cup chain or metal banding, due to space constraints in our warehouse, but this was just too awesome to pass up.

Cup Chain is like a metal version of rhinestone banding. The crystals are set in a metal cup that is linked to other cups. When applying to beadwork, you can keep the cups close together to give a fuller look, or spread them further to give some space between each rhinestone. This product is much heavier than plastic rhinestone banding, so keep that in mind when planning your projects, especially earrings, where weight needs to be considered.

SS8 Chinese Grade A Rhinestone Cup Chain. SS8 measures 2.4-2.5mm. Made in China.

Sold by the yard (36 inches). So, if you order 1, you will receive one yard. We try to send banding orders in a single cut. However, you may receive your order in multiple pieces, depending on availability.

Directions: to attach cup chain to beadwork, tack down the connectors between the stones. Some artists use glue; generic craft glue will work. For earrings and other edging pieces, it is easier to attach the banding when the beadwork is finished. For leggings, moccasins or other large beaded pieces, it can be easier to attach before beading. Cup chain can also be used to do the vines on floral pieces, outline geometric beadwork and trim pieces.