Folding Scissors

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Have you ever encountered the problem of not having enough space in your beading kit for a huge, bulky pair of scissors? Well, do we have the perfect pair of scissors for you! The Singer Folding Scissors are an extremely convenient and must have tool for bead artists that are constantly hitting the road. These chrome plated steel scissors are three inches in length when expanded and about half the size when folded. And in addition to its tiny size, the thinner blades allow you to make precise cuts with ease.

These scissors are made of chrome-plated steel. Suggested care includes oiling the joints regularly. Keep this tool clean and dry. While they are small and affordably priced, these are quality scissors that can last a long time with proper care. They are sharp, so keep out of reach of small children and angry former snags. They’re perfect for beading medallions for your new snag, though.

Sold individually. Made in China.


(scissors, singular inanimate noun)

(little scissors, singular inanimate noun)

Gaawiin ngikendasiin temigag agiishikoowaji’igan.
(I don’t know where the scissors are)

Maampii dopawining temigad agiishikoowaji’igan.
(Here, on the table, the scissors are)

(scissors, plural inanimate noun)
This word would refer to multiple pairs of scissors. A pair of scissors would be singular in Anishinaabemowin. It’s important (and very to difficult) to not let English rules carryover when learning a different language. One has to unlearn many things to learn them again.