Adjustable Thimble

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Any experienced beader will tell (or show) you, that they develop callouses on whatever finger they use to push the needle through. The problem is that those callouses (besides being painful themselves) don’t always protect your skin and flesh. “I beaded until there were holes in my fingers” is a very real phenomenon.

What will truly protect your precious beading handles is this adjustable thimble. Now, before you say “thimbles don’t work for beading” and leave the page, please keep reading. This is a thimble designed for beaders and quilters, who (typically) push the needle through with the sides of their fingers. Unlike sewing thimbles that protect the fingertip (but those are great for decorating women’s traditional outfits). This thimble only covers half your finger, allowing airflow. And the opening accommodates long fingernails. The size is adjustable (instructions for adjustment are on the packaging) and will fit most adults.

Sold individually. Made in the USA.

“I love these thimbles. I have one in my bead box. I find it is particularly useful when edging beaded earrings. I back all my earrings with brain-tanned deerhide, which can be difficult to push a needle through, with a bare finger. So I use one of these thimbles and have no problem or injury.” – A. Ellie Mitchell, owner of Bead & Powwow Supply