March 2023 Back in Stock List

A list of products that have arrived in March 2023. We cannot guarantee that items will remain in stock; we recommend purchasing quickly. Beads are sorted by type and size. Beads are listed in order of their Bead & Powwow Supply SKUs, which go from pink-red-orange-yellow-green-turquoise/aqua blues-sapphire/cobalt blues-purple/amethyst-white/grey/black-topaz/brown, with lighter shades before darker shades. Links to each item in the item name. If a link is incorrect, please let us know through the Contact Us page.

We receive shipments of beads every month but we usually don't know what will arrive until we open the boxes. So we're unable to confidently say what is or is not arriving at any given time. If an item you want is out of stock, please sign up for the waiting list, and you'll be informed via email as soon as it's available again.


Beading Foundation
Beading Foundation 4.25x5.5 White (4 pc)
Beading Foundation 8.5x11 White
Beading Foundation 8.5x11 White (4 pc)
Beading Foundation 8.5x11 Black
Beading Foundation 8.5x11 Black (4pc)
Beading Foundation 4.25x5.5 Mixed Pack (4 pc)
Beading Foundation 8.5x11 Mixed Pack (4 pc)
Beading Needles
Size 12 Beading Needles (25 pc)
Size 12 Beading Needles Extra Long (10 pc)
Size 13 Beading Needles (4 pack)
Size 15 Beading Needles (25 pc)

Glovers Needles
Size 6 Glovers Needles (25 pc)
Size 8 Glovers Needles (25 pc)
Size 10 Glovers Needles (25 pc)

Fingernail Posts - white plate - (36 pieces)
Tri-Tray 3 Piece Set

Stack Jar 4pc Assortment
Stacking Jars 2"

Nymo 3oz Cone D Black