Magnetic Needle Case

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This Magnetic Needle Case is an excellent accessory for any bead artist! Many of us occasionally misplace our beading needles*. The magnet on this case can help you find them. Or you could stick this case on your powwow chair, so you do not misplace it while you are finishing up those moccasins for Grand Entry. This is an all-around handy tool to have.

The needle case is large enough to hold dozens of needles. Both beading and sharps needles will fit in the case. The lid snaps shut, to hold the contents securely. That makes this a great option for beaders on the powwow trail.

Sold individually. Needles are not included. Made in China.

*This is exactly why we recommend that you never, ever, ever bead in bed. Seriously, do not do it. Just sit on the floor or on the couch or wherever. But do not bead in bed. Why? Imagine finding a misplaced beading needle in your pillow. How would that feel? Don't think it can't happen "“ well, it's happened to me, on three separate occasions. Fortunately, I found the needle with my hand, not with my eyes. Do not bead in bed.


(singular animate intransitive verb)
He or she is beading

The first part of this word refers to beads. The second part (igoowaaso) is talking about sewing.
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