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Nipin Blossom Sky Cotton Poplin

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  • Nipin Blossom Sky Cotton Poplin
  • Nipin Blossom Sky Cotton Poplin
  • Nipin Blossom Sky Cotton Poplin

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We’re happy to be offering Native print cotton fabrics from 49 Dzine. 49 Dzine is native-owned and supporting other Indigenous businesses is one of our top priorities. We also really like the options that 49 Dzine offers with many, many floral designs. Being Anishinaabeg, with a large customer base in the Great Lakes, we just can’t get enough florals, ever. Seriously, we dream flowers.

These fabrics are also fairly soft, compared to other printed fabrics we’ve seen. They drape fairly well and we definitely recommend these for jingle dresses and ribbon skirts.

Sold by the yard (that’s 36 inches, or a little shy of a meter, for our non-US customers). Cotton poplin fabrics that are 100% cotton. Fabric is 56” wide, which includes selvedge.

Fabric is printed with a design created in-house at 49 Design, which is an Indigenous-owned company based in Canada. The actual fabric is mass-produced overseas.

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