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We have added a small selection of 100% cotton quilter’s fabrics. Quilter’s cottons are top-quality and manufactured to ensure long-lasting projects. These floral cottons are perfect for ribbon skirts, ribbon shirts, old style jingle dresses, woodland dresses, women’s t-dresses, and other powwow projects, as well as quilting and more generalized sewing. We’re striving to find beautiful florals and other prints that we think will look good on the powwow trail. While we will try to maintain our stock consistently, many fabrics are special editions or seasonal and cannot be restocked. So we strongly suggest that you get enough for whatever project you have in mind, in case we cannot get more.

Sold by the yard (that’s a little smaller than a meter, for our non-US customers more accustomed to the metric system). Fabric is approximately 44 inches wide.

We highly recommended pre-washing all cotton fabrics before sewing your project. This is for several reasons. Firstly, a wash and dry will pre-shrink the fabric, acting as a safeguard against your finished project shrinking. Secondly, machine wash will release any dyes that may have not been rinsed out in the dyeing process. We have seen fabric dyes bleed when exposed to sweat/water in the powwow circle. This can be easily avoided by a quick wash. So, please take that extra step to enhance the quality of your finished goods. We want your regalia to last generations!

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