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13/0 Seed Beads Transparent Dark Topaz

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These Transparent Dark Topaz beads are like the perfect golden-brown toast that only your Grandma could make. This bead will transport you back in time, to your Grandma's kitchen table, eating breakfast on Sunday morning. The Transparent Dark Topaz is only slightly darker than the -0894 Transparent Medium Topaz and when used next to each, they tend to blend. Please keep that in mind when designing.

Transparent glass allows light to pass through the bead, liked stained glass. This makes transparent beads appear extra shiny. The beads are see-through, so the color of the stringing material can affect the appearance - transparent beads strung on black thread will look darker than the same beads on white thread.

Seed beads are a very popular and time-honored option for any bead artist, whether your art is worn on the powwow trail, displayed in a gallery, or adorning a person. They are fairly uniform in shape and size. They can be used in virtually any beaded project, including applique or flat stitch, lane stitch, peyote stitch, loomwork, bead weaving, bead stringing and jewelry making. Since they are so versatile, we recommend using seed beads for beginning beaders, classes, and workshops.

Size 13 or (or 13/0) Seed Beads measure between 1.6-1.8mm. The hole of the bead is at least 0.40mm in width. Beads are sold strung on hanks; each hank contains 12 20-inch strands. Approximately 5,000 beads per hank. Made in the Czech Republic.
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