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Recycled Ribbon 1 1/2" x 150' Shocking Pink

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  • Recycled Ribbon 1 1/2" x 150' Shocking Pink
  • Recycled Ribbon 1 1/2" x 150' Shocking Pink


1 ½” (1.5 inch) is a wide ribbon that’s popular for ribbon skirts. Sold on spools of 150 feet (50 yards).

Recycled Ribbon at Bead & Powwow Supply

37 colors of DFS (Double Face Satin) Ribbon made from recycled polyester (RPET), exclusively at Bead & Powwow Supply. We sourced this ribbon specifically for our Mother Earth-caring, water-protecting, sovereignty-asserting, ribbon-skirt-sewing, and regalia-making customer base.

Pros of buying Recycled Ribbon at Bead & Powwow Supply

  • Soft, shiny, high-quality ribbon.
  • Lots of colors, 37 in fact!
  • Made from recycled polyester (RPET)!
  • Budget-friendly spool price!
  • Bulk discount when ordering 6+ spools of ribbon

About RPET and our sourcing:
RPET uses less water and energy in production and therefore reduces the carbon footprint of this product. Use of recycled materials prevents existing plastic from going to landfills/waters and prevents new plastic from being created. This is a step on the journey to more sustainable futures and we’re so proud to be bringing this product to Indian Country.

We worked with an overseas manufacturer to acquire this ribbon. They told us it’s made from recycled material (RPET) and we’re taking their word on it. We have not been able to independently verify their sourcing – we barely leave Anishinaabewaki, let alone traverse the globe. Nor do we have the financial resources to hire a firm to do that research for us (and who’s to say they would be able to verify anyway???). So, we’re relying on the information we have; that’s the best we can do.

Bulk Discount on Ribbon

Buy 6-9 spools, save 10%
Buy 10+ spools, save 20%

You can combine different colors, sizes, and brands of ribbon to reach the discount tiers. Discount is automatically applied to cart; no need to enter a coupon.

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