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16/0 Seed Beads Opaque Amethyst

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We now have size 16/0 Seed Beads online!

We acquired these in 2012, after buying the entire Czech bead inventory of Flying Feathers, Inc. It took us quite a while to go through everything but we are finally getting the last of the items online. We are not replenishing our supply, so please buy while you can. Once these are gone, they are gone for good.

Great for experienced bead artists looking to do very fine and detailed work. Given their size and price, we do not recommend these for beginning or novice beaders. They are popular for earrings, jewelry, and old-style powwow regalia. They are also good for ceremonial items or those pieces that you want to pass on to your great-great-great-grandchildren.

We have a number of opaque and transparent colors available. Opaque finish does not allow light to pass through the glass, giving the beads a solid look. Transparent glass allows light to pass through the bead, giving beads a shiny appearance.

16/0 Seed Beads measure approximately 1.4 millimeters, with a 0.4 millimeter hole. We recommend a Size 15 Beading Needle and OO Nymo thread.

Made in the Czech Republic. Sold by the hank. Each hank contains 12 20-inch loops. Approximately 5,000 beads per hank.

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