Earring Converter Silver-Plate (12 Pairs)

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Do you love making earrings or buying earrings for your earring collection but you do not have your ears pierced? Do you have a special little child in your life that does not have their ears pierced?

Well, these earring converters offer the most perfect solution. You can easily re-use these converters with all post earrings. Unfortunately, it will not convert wire designs. This is the perfect solution for earring lovers that do not want to get pierced.

Silver-plated base metal. Nickel free. Sold in a bag of 12 pairs (24 pieces); ordering quantity 1 will send you 12 pairs. Made in China.

It's rather unusual to be Anishinaabe and not have pierced ears. I mean, there are many Anishinaabeg who make a living by making and selling earrings. That includes a significant portion of our amazing customers. Personally, I make a lot of earrings every year, to sell and for gifts. I don't have pierced ears. My mom thought it would be best to let her children decide when to get their piercings. Unfortunately, I've had a crippling fear of needles since I was a toddler. No, I don't have any tattoos either. Yes, I try to avoid the doctor. I've passed out in many a lab chair...


(my ear, singular, inanimate noun)

(my ears, plural, inanimate noun)

Mskwaande-non nitawag-oon.
(My ears are red)

Mskwaande-non nitawag-oon zaam goojiing gchi-kasinaa.
(My ears are red because it is very cold outside)