10/0 Seed Beads Silver Lined AB Crystal

SKU: SB102180
Check out these new 10/0 Silver-Lined AB Crystal Beads!

Silver-lined beads are already pretty flashy, but the Aurora Borealis finish on these ones gives them an extra pop. That, plus the square-shaped hole means that these beads are downright glitzy. Use as an outline or border to make your outfit shine. Or fill flower petals with this to make it stand out amongst floral beadwork. Use as the fill on a loomwork project to tie into a pattern made with opaque beads.

Size 10 Seed Beads are approximately 2/10mm larger than Size 11 Seed Beads. That sounds tiny to most people, but we bead artists know that makes a world of difference. Size 10 (or 10/0) are great for experienced and beginner beaders alike. We recommend a Size 10 or Size 11 needle and Size B thread for 10/0 Beads. But your specific needs might be different depending on your project and style of beadwork.

Size 10/0 beads measure approximately 2.2-2.4mm. Sold by the hank; hanks contain 12 20-inch strands. Made in the Czech Republic.