Tweezer with Magnifier

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When handling the smaller size seed beads, it can become a headache trying to thread these beads for hours at a time. Well do we have some great new for you! We now have tweezers with a built in magnifier so you can stop straining your eyes. You can choose how far away you want the magnifier from the tweezers. The tweezers also fold in so that you can easily store the tweezers and magnifier flat. These are great for picking up beads and small parts. Did we mention that the magnifier has 4x magnification? The tweezers are made of stainless steel with an extra-fine point.

These tweezers are from The Bead Smith, a name that means quality in the world of bead art. These adjustable and compact tweezers are great for the bead artist on the go – which describes many of our powwow customers. We know things get cramped on the powwow trail. These will fit in your bead bag or repair kit. Sold individually. Made in China.

Speaking of traveling, once I was trying to get my cousin to ride with me to another rez. We were going to take my care, I was going to drive the whole way, I just wanted company. “How far is it?” she asked. “Only about twenty hours,” I said. She gasped, “that’s way, way too far.” It seemed a very reasonable distance to me. I guess that’s what the powwow trail does to you.

That story had nothing to do with these awesome tweezers. I just felt like telling it. Miigwech (thanks) for reading it.