Thread Zap II

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This thread burner is a must-have item for bead artists! Many beaders burn their threads, to seal the knots. Lighters will work for this, but they can be clumsy, and nobody wants burn marks on their beadwork. Plus, if you’re not a smoker, you probably don’t keep lighters handy anyway. That’s where the Thread Zap II comes in so handy.

This tool features a tip that heats up with the push of a button. This red-hot element can then be applied to your thread in precisely the place you want it. This allows for precise burning without the clumsiness of a lighter or risk of burning your actual beadwork. You can also use this tool to cut thread.

To use: press and hold the button. Element may produce a small wisp of smoke and this can indicate that the tool is ready to use. Still holding the button, press the tip to the area of thread that you need to cut, melt or burn. When the thread is cut, melted or burnt, remove the tip and release the button. Wait a few seconds before touching the thread.

Requires one AA battery (not included). This is not a toy. For professional and adult use only. The tip gets extremely hot, so keep away from children, animals, flammable materials and skin. Always store with the cover in place. Replacement tips are sold separately.

Sold individually. Made in China.