Pink Peony Printed Cotton Tape (5 yards)

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0.5 inch in width. Sold in lengths of 5 yards. Made in China.

This versatile cotton floral ribbon is lightweight but strong, and can be used for a wide variety of creative and DIY projects. It measures ? inch wide and is sold in lengths of 5 yards (that’s a little less than 5 meters for our non-American customers), made in China. The colors and patterns are reminiscent of subdued vintage textiles, and add an elegant touch to your ribbon shirts and skirts, hair accessories, general regalia, craft, sewing projects, and much more.

Once your project is complete, this floral ribbon can be used to create a custom, eco-friendly matching gift bag! Start with a gift bag of your choice, or upcycle one you already own. We recommend a plain kraft paper bag because they are a beautiful neutral brown, can be redecorated for future gifts, and once they have exceeded their usefulness, can be recycled! Once you have selected your bag and placed your gift inside, simply cut 18-24 inches of ribbon (depending on how dramatic you’d like the effect to be), tie in a bow around the handles of your bag, then trim the ends until they are even. Pinch the ends of the ribbon in half lengthwise and cut out a triangle shape starting on the seam and ending at the outer corner of the ribbon for a pretty and polished v-shape finish. Tuck a small sprig of cedar or your favorite plant or flower into the bow and you have a beautiful, environmentally-friendly wrapped gift. Your friend or loved one will adore this presentation and can use the ribbon for their own projects, creating a practically zero-waste gift wrapping system.