We Are Still Here - Navajo Nation COVID Fundraiser Mug

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Indian Country has been especially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We’re doing our best to help in anyway we can. When we opened the email attachment containing this design, tears came. It’s so touching. 100% of proceeds from this mug will be donated to the Navajo Nation Health Department. Scroll down to the see breakdown of proceeds.

This standard 11 oz coffee mug features an original design by Diné artist, Ayebah Wilson. Perfect for indigenizing your morning coffee.

Handwash only. Do not microwave.

About the Artist
Diné artist, Ayebah Wilson, has been creating artwork all her life, but more seriously in the past 5 years. She is a self-taught artist, who has taken a few classes here and there to improve her skills. Wilson loves the art process, from the ideas to the final product, as well as having others draw inspiration from her work. She hopes that other young indigenous artist find inspiration through their traditions and create new styles and techniques to use.

We will donate the net revenue of these mugs. That means the sale price less the cost of the mug and the artist fee will be donated.
Breakdown of costs:

$75 artist fee (divided by 50 mugs = $1.50/mug)
$3.15/mug cost of material.

So our total cost per mug is $4.65. That means $5.35 from each mug sold will be donated.