Black and White and Red all over Rick Rack (5 yards)

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½ inch in width. Sold in lengths of 5 yards. Made in China.

Multi-colored rick rack is a versatile, vibrant and functional product to add decoration and sturdiness to your creative projects. It is ½ inch wide and sold in lengths of 5 yards (that’s a little less than 5 meters for our non-American customers). Made in China.

Rick rack is especially popular for trim and edging in sewing projects, adding a pop of color and detail to create a clean, custom look-- sewing machine or not! Its use pre-dates sewing machines being a common fixture in the home, appearing sometime in the mid 1800s, where it was marveled at for it’s decorative element, versatility, and fiber strength. Garments that were edged with rick rack, sewn on by hand of course, would withstand washing and everyday wear and tear longer than un-edged garments. The most popular techniques to create rick rack edging, to this day, are to either pin the rick rack directly to the front of the garment and secure with a running or zig-zag stitch, or to insert it halfway into a seam and top-stitch over it so only half of the zig-zag shows, creating a scalloped finish. It is an enduring product, still used for these functional and decorative purposes, that can add that final touch to your regalia or sewing projects.