9/0 3-cuts Transparent Crystal

SKU: 3X090880
We are adding more regular transparent colors to our selection of 9/0 3-cuts. They are not as many colors available in this finish but we are dedicated to stocking what we can get our hands on.

Transparent glass allows light to pass through the bead. These beads have a look similar to stained glass. They are more subdued than the transparent luster beads but they are still flashy. They are 3-cuts, after all.

The processes used to make Czech 3-cuts give these beads more rounded edges than 2-cuts and several random facets per bead. This manufacturing technique is also very labor intensive, which is why 3-cut beads cost more that 2-cuts. Each bead is uniquely shaped, so 3-cuts are not recommended for projects requiring strict uniformity – like loomwork, peyote stick, bead-weaving, etc. They are great for flat stitch and lane stitch beadwork. Use on earrings and medallions. We especially recommend 9/0 3-cuts for powwow outfits. They cover quite a bit of area and projects move fast. Plus, there’s a wide variety of colors and finishes available. So get creative with it!

Size 9/0 3-cuts measure approximately 2.6mm. Sold by the hank; hanks contain approximately 3000 beads strung on 10 strands. Made in Czech Republic.