9/0 3-cuts Opaque Matte White

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We are adding matte colors to our selection of 9/0 3-cut beads. Matte beads have a coating that prohibits the glass from shining. It gives a muted appearance to the beads. Use matte colors to contrast with your main colors in your project.  One professional regalia-maker told me she prefers matte beads for fill, because they tend to hide mistakes better than regular beads.

The processes used to make Czech 3-cuts give these beads more rounded edges than 2-cuts and several random facets per bead. This manufacturing technique is also very labor intensive, which is why 3-cut beads cost more that 2-cuts. Each bead is uniquely shaped, so 3-cuts are not recommended for projects requiring strict uniformity. They are great for powwow regalia, earrings, medallions, etc. We especially recommend 9/0 3-cuts for powwow outfits. They cover quite a bit of area so projects move fast. Plus, there’s a wide variety of colors and finishes available. So get creative with it!

Opaque glass does not allow any light to pass through the bead. The opaque matte beads take a softer appearance. Use this Opaque Matte White to soften outlines and vines.

 Size 9/0 3-cuts measure approximately 2.6mm. Sold by the hank; hanks contain approximately 3000 beads strung on 10 strands. Made in Czech Republic.