3/4" Grosgrain Neon Green (5 yards)

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¾ inch in width. Sold in lengths of 5 yards. Made in Colombia.

Ribbon is always a cheerful addition to any creative project-- and even more so when it’s neon. This ribbon seems to glow! This thick-textured grosgrain ribbon is ¾ inch wide and sold in lengths of 5 yards (that’s a little less than 5 meters for our non-American customers). Made in Colombia.

This ribbon can be used for ribbon shirts, skirts, hair accessories and regalia to reveal the bold and adventurous personality of its wearer. Mix and match colors to create a striking custom palette.

A grosgrain ribbon belt is a beginner-friendly sewing project that is functional and quick to create.

Only a few supplies are needed for this project:

Neon Grosgrain Ribbon*
Two D-Rings
Measuring Tape
Hem Tape (optional)
Sewing Machine (optional)

*The length of ribbon will be determined by the wearer: measure their waist, add 6 inches, then double this measurement. This is how much ribbon you will need to purchase for this project. For example, a person with a 35 inch waist would need 82 inches of ribbon.

Once you have cut your ribbon to length, fold ribbon in half width-wise, lining up the ends. If using hem tape, sandwich in-between layers of ribbon and follow hem tape instructions for ironing/pressing into place. If not using hem tape, pin ribbon together every 6 or so inches, keeping it carefully aligned. Sew both sides with basic running stitch, either sewing by hand or using this stitch setting on your sewing machine. On one end, thread the sewn ribbon through the D-ring hardware. Fold over the raw edge twice, about 1/2 inch. Sew across to secure it. Fold the other end of the ribbon (the one without the D-ring) twice, about 1/2 inch, and sew across to create a clean edge. This end can now be threaded through the D-ring hardware, and you have made yourself a custom belt!