15/0 Charlottes Metallic 24k Gold Plated

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SKU: CX153194
We are happy to announce that we now have 15/0 Charlottes in 24k Gold! These shiny, gleaming, beautiful gold beads will add some class to any outfit or project. Yes, they are made with real gold; they are a glass bead with 24k gold-plating.

We recommend using them for trim on cuffs, leggings, aprons, chokers, barrettes or anything else on your outfit. Your regalia is supposed to last generations, so why not use the good stuff? These gold beads stand out in any color scheme.

For earring-makers, they go well with our line of Swarovski Sew-On stones. Use a single line of these to highlight your beautiful beadworking skills! They are also great for edging.

Charlotte cuts, also called true-cuts, are shaped like a regular seed bead but with one or two small facets that let them sparkle. They are valued for “old-style” projects and looks. Size 15 allows a huge amount of detail in projects. They are great for earrings, detailed medallions, tobacco pouches and anything else that you want to treasure for future generations.

Size 15/0 Charlottes are minuscule! They measure approximately 1.4-1.5 millimeters, with a 0.4mm hole. We recommend using a Size 15 needles and OO thread with these beads. Sold by the “short” hank; each hank contains 12 10-inch loops. Made in the Czech Republic.