11/0 2-cuts Opaque Teal Blue

SKU: 2X110157
Here it is: 11/0 2-cuts in Opaque Teal Blue!

This one has been a long time coming for us. It’s a beautiful color that puts me in mind of blue jeans, cool autumn evenings and a certain sports team from Detroit – we are Michiganders so those are familiar things to us. But don’t let our biases affect your creativity. Use these with any other 11/0 2-cut and see where the color takes you

11/0 2-cuts are some of our favorite beads! Why? Well, they are available in a number of colors and finishes, they sparkle and shine under those powwow lights, and they are a more economical option to 3-cuts. Plus, you (our customers) seem to love them too and that’s the best reason! So we’re so happy that even more colors are becoming available to us. We add them as we can.

Of course, not everything is perfect and there are downsides to 2-cuts. The ends can be sharp, so we don’t recommend using them on loomwork, peyote, woven beadwork or any place where the edges might rub against threads. This can also be a problem in applique beadwork. To avoid cutting your thread, be sure to pull your needle STRAIGHT out of the beads. Don’t pull up and against the bead edge.*

Sold by the hank; hanks contain 12 20-inch strands. Made in the Czech Republic.

*More than a decade of using 2-cuts, including two fully beaded sets, has taught me this little trick. It’s reduced my thread breakage by significant amounts. – Ellie Mitchell, owner/operator of Bead & Powwow Supply