COVID-19 Updates

Updated 7/15/2020

To best protect our staff and to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, we are continuing to work remotely. Order fulfillment is being done by one staff member. Nobody else is permitted to enter our warehouse. We regularly cleaning and disinfecting work areas, per CDC recommendations. There is a hand-washing station in our warehouse.

The pandemic has forced us to make many changes. We will not be attending any of our planned in-person events this year. The launch of our new site was significantly delayed by the logistics of collaborating remotely. We have decided to continue working remotely indefinitely. This means that one person is doing all order fulfillment and so, there may be delays at busy times of the year. Word to the wise: Tuesday-Thursday are usually our slow days and orders placed before 5 pm (Eastern) on those days usually ship out the next business day.

Commerce around the world has been impacted by the coronavirus. So too has our supply chain. We’ve been diligently working to keep items on the shelf but we can’t sell items if we can’t get them. We have been able to stock up on some 11/0 2-cuts and Seed Beads and need to free some warehouse space. So we’re clearing out a significant portion of 6mm and 8mm Fire Polish beads which are 55% off (shop here). We’re also limiting what 3-cuts we’re restocking: opaque, opaque luster, and satin colors are our priority as well as select mattes, white and eggshell pearl, and opaque ab white, when those are available. However, priority doesn’t guarantee that we’ll be able to keep those colors in stock.

If you reach out to our customer service team, please be courteous and calm. Supply shortages, and delayed shipments are not their fault. They too are under stress from world events and public health concerns. They are also facing an uncertain world. Be kind to them. And if you aren’t, The Bead Team are fully empowered to hang up on, block/ban, refuse service, not reply to belligerent, threatening or racist customers.

Some other considerations:

Domestic USPS service delays: The Postal Service has lengthened expected delivery times for US domestic services. Priority and First-Class service with 2-3 day delivery are now taking 3-4 days. Please understand that shipping service times are well beyond our control. They're also beyond the control of individual postal staff; be kind to them for the work they're doing.

Shipping to Canada: We are still shipping orders to Canada. However, shipping times have increased dramatically. Canadian customers are advised to allow 3+ weeks for delivery, even for major cities and locations close to the American border.

We do not offer local pick-up: this is for four reasons. (1) We don't have enough staff on site. (2) We don't have a secure spot to do contactless drop-off. (3) We are a home-based business and out of privacy concerns, the owner doesn't want a stream of visitors. (4) This is a continuation of the policy we've had in place for two years.