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6/4/21 - It seems our "Contact Us" page has been malfunctioning for some time. We weren't aware of this, because we were not receiving any messages entered into this page. This is an understandably very frustrating experience. We do apologize for anyone who's experienced that. This was not the first issue we've experienced with this particular ecommerce platform. We plan to make a switch later this summer. In the meantime, please email us at or call 989-941-5861.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page to see some of the most common questions.

We can also be reached at

We can also be reached at 989-941-5861 during limited times. If you'd like to order by phone, we ask that you schedule a time by clicking the below button. Scheduling your orders helps us help you! We can make sure we're at the computer with the appropriate software open.