Offray 7/8" x 300' DFS Cobalt

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7/8” (0.875 inch) ribbon is commonly used on ribbon skirts. Offray 7/8” DFS Satin is sold on spools of 300 feet (100 yards). That’s enough to make many, many skirts.

Pros of buying Offray (the Bougie Option) at Bead & Powwow Supply

  • Familiar brand name and ability to match colors
  • Made in the USA; that reduced shipping distance lowers the carbon impact of this product
  • Big spools (7/8” x 300 foot) mean you get enough ribbon to see you through your project
  • Low per-unit price; just $0.14/foot!
  • Bulk discount when ordering multiple spools of ribbon

The per-unit price for ribbon at Bead & Powwow Supply is low. In fact, our price is less than half that of a national retailer (scroll down to see a comparison). We sell Offray 7/8” DFS in 300-foot spools. That means one of our spools will see you through many rows of ribbon. Compare this to a national chain, where you only get 21 feet on a spool! That might finish two, perhaps three ribbon skirts.

Feet to yard conversion
3 feet = 1 yard
150 feet = 50 yards
300 feet = 100 yards

Observant readers may notice that we’re discussing ribbon in lengths of feet instead of yards. As we prepared to add ribbon, we noticed that most customers talked about ribbon by the foot. We wanted to be consistent with customer experience.


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