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8mm Fire Polished Opaque AB Green

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Fire Polish beads are one of the most ubiquitous and popular Czech beads, worldwide. These beautiful faceted glass beads add shine, glamour and color to any piece of bead art. They are used in jewelry-making, on powwow regalia, for ceremonial pieces, home décor and more. Whatever type of beadwork that you do, you need some fire polish beads on hand.

These round beads feature many facets that allow them to shine in any light. They are a relatively thick bead and the hole is rather small. They can be strung on artificial sinew or beading thread. We carry a large selection of colors and finishes.

8mm Fire Polish Beads are great for a variety of bead projects. If you make powwow outfits, we recommend these for breastplates, beaded fringe, connecting braid-ties and choker drops, and any other place you can add some flash! For jewelry-designers, these are good for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (in small amounts).

Sold in bags of 50 beads. Made in the Czech Republic.

Some notes about using fire polish beads: When stringing on a sinew, a needle is not necessary but can be helpful. We recommend using a medium-sized (Size 5 or Size 6) glovers needle for this purpose. Please note the following: the waxy coating on artificial sinew can cause transparent beads to appear cloudy over time. If you want to avoid that, please use a beading wire or beading thread for your project.
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