August-September 21 Back In Stock Beads List

A list of beads that have arrived in August and September 2021. We cannot garauntee that items will remain in stock; we recommend purchasing quickly. Beads are sorted by type and size. 11/0 Seed Beads are sorted by finish. Beads are listed in order of their Bead & Powwow Supply SKUs, which go from pink-red-orange-yellow-green-turquoise/aqua blues-sapphire/cobalt blues-purple/amethyst-white/grey/black-topaz/brown, with lighter shades before darker shades. Links to each item. If a link is incorrect, please let us know through the Contact Us page.

We are expecting additional shipments in late September and into October. But given the global uncertainty and disruptions in the supply chain, we highly recommend purchasing early, especially before the holiday season.

11/0 2-cuts
Opaque Green
Opaque Dark Brown
Satin Orange
Satin Olivine
Satin Light Cardinal

9/0 3-cuts
Opaque Cheyenne Pink Bunch

13/0 Charlottes
Opaque Red
Opaque Golden Yellow
Opaque Sky Blue
Opaque Dark Periwinkle
Opaque Black
Pearl Light Pink
Pearl Light Green
Pearl Amethyst

10/0 Seed Beads
Opaque Light Red
Opaque Light Turquoise
Opaque Deep Turquoise Blue
Opaque Dark Blue
Opaque White
Opaque Light Brown
Transparent Capri Blue
Transparent Dark Amethyst
Transparent Light Topaz
Pearl White

11/0 Seed Beads Transparent AB (TRAB)
Light Red
Dark Red
Light Orange
Light Green
Dark Aqua

11/0 Seed Beads Opal
Opal Magenta
Opal Apricot
Opal Hyacinth
Greasy Yellow

11/0 Seed Beads Opaque
Hibiscus (tint)
Light Red
Dark Red
Burnt Red
Lemon Yellow
Dark Yellow
Medium Green
Blue Turquoise
Green Turquoise
Dark Blue
Wisteria (tint)
Light Amethyst
Light Brown
Medium Brown